Lequittia Simpson

Ms. Lequittia has been in childcare for more than 28 years, and she's been at Rushton for thirteen years. Her favorite part of her work is bonding with her babies. She loves rocking them and watching them reach their milestones. She especially loves the moment when she can tell that they recognize and know her as their caregiver.


Jivonda (GeeGee) Ward

Ms. GeeGee has been at Rushton for more than five years. Her favorite moments in the Infant room are when she's able to watch the babies achieving their many developmental milestones such crawling, sitting up, eating solids for the first time, and taking their first steps.


Angie Kay Williams

Ms. Angie has worked in childcare for 21 years, and three of those years have been at Rushton. Her favorite time in class is when she's working with language and literacy: although infants don't use words, she finds that they have a very unique way of communicating. She always enjoys interpreting their signs and signals.




LaQuetta Danzy

Ms. LaQuetta has been at Rushton for five years, and she's been working in childcare for ten years. Her favorite part of her workday is having science time with the Creepers.


Quinesha Jackson

Ms. Quinesha has been at Rushton since 2015. Her favorite part of class is when the Creepers investigate the purple box each day: she loves seeing the smiles on their faces.


Tiny Tots


Sara Smyly

Ms. Sara has been in childcare for four years, and she's been at Rushton since August 2015. Her favorite moments of the workday are during Circle Time--she loves interacting with the children through stories, songs, and dance.


Busy Bees


Tarsha Owens-Givens

Ms. Tarsha has been working at Rushton for five years and has sixteen years of working in childcare. Her favorite moments with the children are working on projects with them, watching them grow, and seeing them learn the skills she's been teaching them.


Natasha Parker

Ms. Tasha has been part of the Rushton family for eight years, and she's been working in childcare for more than ten years. Her most satisfying moments in the classroom are when she sees the excitement on the Busy Bees' faces and the joy in their eyes when they accomplish a task.


Sunshine Friends


Nikea Pruitt

Nikea has been working in childcare for more than nine years, and she began at Rushton in 2015. Her favorite time with the children is morning group--she loves to watch them learn.


Rainbow Friends


Carolyn (Von) Hrabowski

After receiving her A.A. degree in Child Development, Ms. Von's career began at Rushton in 2012. She is always excited to see the passion the student display as they share their "letter bags" each Friday.


Megan Sauer-Schatz

A graduate of the University of Alabama, Ms. Megan has been teaching 4K for the past eight years, including three years at Rushton. She enjoys teaching young children because the early years of school set the foundation for education. Her favorite moments in class are watching children discover the world around them. She believes that at any age, learning should be fun.